weird bug using fake id via photoshop worth $***

4 min readFeb 17, 2024


Hi all i hope you are doing well, iam hamzadzworm(abdelkader mouaz) today i will share an issue that i found

I really love logic bugs its funny to find them more then getting rewards, i was invited to a private program at hackerone it was very secure and 0 reports resolved on it so it was like a challenge for me

i tried to inejct js codes on first name last name and all inputs.. to get a blind xss ….etc

but it didnt work because website dosent allow you to inject tags on inputs

i keep digging untile i found there is support page that asks you to sent your id card it was a great place for me to find an issue

if you sent your real id card with your real name it will be accepted and nothing will happen

so i sent a fake id card from google images to see what will happen:

i got an email from the support and i notices that both of names: account and name in id card was received in email so this mean that there is a function that take name from photo and send it to email

this is time to think out of the box : ), i editied the id card photo and put an html tag on the name in card so html was injected in photo name to see what will happen

and that was result:

there is the name of account that i couldnt put htmli codes on it and there is the second name that as you see in email they automatically check it

so here i was able to inject html code in first name of photo

and its taken automatically to be reflected in email

untile now eveything is good but its still self htmli i changed my email to another email to check if htmli will be received on it but when i change it i got redirected to verification email step to be able to sent my id again

i go back and confirmed my email then go to sent my id card and saved request in burpsuite repeater

after that i changed my email again to another email , it request verification to be able to do any action in account like send id card

i go back to the saved request of send id card that i saved and sent request again and approve document mail was sent to the new email without verification and htmli was on it so i changed this from self htmli to an htmli that can be exploited against other emails

i injected an <a href> in photo name to see if link will received in email and thats what happen:

link was injected and it was like that:…… = {redirect to my website}

so this was stored open redirection via there main domain its great untile now

i keep thinking how to make impact higher and how i can be able to exploit it against an already existed users

i go back to change email and intercepted request of change email, when i try an already existed user email i got an error so i tried it with alias: =

but they blocked me so i encoded {+1} to make it: {%2B1} =

and document approve email was sent to an already existing user


i will share in my next write up another weird issue where i found an admin panel with default creds i got duplicated for report but i keep testing inside the panel and i found a critical issue inside it which was accepted even when admin with default creds was duplicated

i hope you enjoyed it waiting to see your comments about it and have a great day all -.-